Wednesday, August 25, 2010

First Day of School

I can't believe today I dropped that sweet baby off to kindergarten for the first time!! My oldest son Caedmon is already in school. We chose to do half day kindergarten for a smoother transition from home-schooling last year, and so that I can still work with him at home in the afternoon when there's time. He's been nervous about it all summer, and every time someone would mention it he would say "I'm not going to kindergarten!" but I love that after praying about it with him and going to the open house, he was excited to go, and couldn't wait until this morning came.

It also just came out yesterday that after seeing a scene of corporal punishment on Anne of Green Gables some time ago he was afraid that he was going to get a "spanking on the hands" from the teacher! If only I had known that earlier this summer I could have reassured him sooner, poor kid! Who knew that movie would traumatize a child! Once we got that cleared up he definitely relaxed more and when I picked him up today he was all smiles and excitement about the year ahead.

It's hard to believe this sweet boy who was not-so-long-ago my baby is now going to school. There are so many moments like this that I wish I could freeze in time. Watching him walk into his classroom today reminded me of how quickly he will be grown and going out into the world. I know it seems a little silly when he's only 5, but as quickly as these years have gone, I know the next ones will fly by even faster, and I will look back and wish I could revisit today.

Caedmon going to open house:

About to get in the car on the first day of school:

Sitting at his desk for the first time:

Jayden wished he could go too, but got to spend the morning on his scooter

Now, Ben, promise me you will not be going to kindergarten any time soon!


  1. Les Années Passent trop Vite , ILS seront Toujours nos Bébés MAIS SI sur AVOIR UNE telecommande pouvait verser Arreter Le Temps Il ya des journées qu'on voudrait sans fin ...
    Ben depuis une changeur boucoup les photos Dernières ...

  2. Your boys are beautiful...I hope Caedmon has a good first day!

    Ugh, I'm already dreading sending Cooper to school one day!

  3. Oh Jess your boys are adorable!!! I can only imagine how hard it's going to be on Bubby's first day. ah- I don't even want to think about it!


  4. I'm glad he ended up liking it!!

  5. He looks so happy to be going to school!!! I know that must be hard...being excited for his excitement but still not wanting him to grow up one second faster!!! Hope this is an amazing year for him!

    That last little picture of your sweet Ben is SO precious!