Monday, May 10, 2010

Eliana's Birthday

Crystal at Calvin's Cupcakes made Eliana this adorable cupcake for her first birthday.

Mary sent two more beautiful works of art, including a birthday one!

The days leading up to Eliana's birthday/Mother's Day were emotional ones with the anticipation of what was to come. We were praying that the actual day could be a peaceful one, and even a happy time of remembering Eliana and thinking of her in heaven. We also prayed for good weather because we had plans to do a butterfly release at the cemetary. We've been having a lot of rain and cooler temperatures lately so I was worried that the butterflies wouldn't be able to fly.

God answered yes to all of those prayers. It was warmer and sunnier than forcasted, without a hint of rain. Of course I had a mixture of emotions on that day, but we were able to have a special remembrance time that honored Eliana's life and glorified God. My husband shared from Psalm 139, and we sang Jesus Loves Me, the first song we have taught to each of our children. I always find those words "Little ones to Him belong" bittersweet now, and a little harder to sing out loud. But, what comforting truth is found in those simple words.

The butterfly release was really special. There is just something about seeing those beautiful creatures fly to freedom that warms my heart when I think of Eliana, even as it saddens me at the same time. We're so thankful to Butterflies and Prayers for arranging for the donation of butterflies, and to Wish Upon a Butterfly, the company who chose to donate to us.

The story of Eliana's day is really best told in pictures:

My oldest son wanted to make her dinosaur cupcakes, because he had told her about dinosaurs when she was in the womb.

I made her a butterfly cake, of course.

We wished so much she could be with us, but it was special to watch the other kids at her "party" have fun and enjoy eating cake and ice cream like they would if she was here.

Getting lots of love from my boys on "Mommy's Day" as it's traditionally called at our house.

Eliana's big brothers holding her marker. It was supposed to be placed in the ground, but the wrong granite came in, so we just had the bronze part of it. It's hard to see in these shots, but it says
Eliana Grace Kline
Fearfully and Wonderfully Made
May 9, 2009

The highlight of Eliana's first birthday was the butterfly release!

It was a day full of beauty, just like the special little girl we were celebrating.


  1. Jess, it looks like a perfect day in honor of your sweet angel! I love the drawings they are amazing and the cake looks so yummy! *HUGS*

  2. So sorry to have missed this. What a beautiful way to remember Eliana!

  3. I'm sorry I'm a little late. I've been away for a bit. Happy Birthday Eliana!!

    The butterfly release was such a great idea and so beautiful! I love the butterfly cake for her. And I just love her marker too.

    Sending you a big hug!!! ♥