Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10 Months

Today it has been 10 months since those precious, fleeting moments of holding our daughter in our arms. 10 months since we counted her fingers and toes, and sang songs and prayed over her, since we saw her tiny face and delicate little features. Those moments are forever etched upon my heart, though as time passes they become more hazy in my mind. I want to keep the memories fresh and clear through all of time, but instead they become increasingly faded like an antique photograph.

I want so much to be near to her.

If only I could catch a glimpse of her, running and laughing, so vibrant and so ALIVE! She is so much more than a fading photograph in my mind, more than the silent moments spent in our arms. She is more alive now than any of the days she was here with us.

Until the day we're together again, I will have to cling to my faded memories, and our precious photographs that will never be enough, and the complete assurance that as I'm missing her, she is happier than I can possibly understand, fully complete, without a single unfulfilled longing or regret.

She plays in a world that knows no bounds, exploring the splendor, beauty, and endless wonder of heaven like the care-free little butterfly she is. Someday we will fly together, and it will feel like the years of separation were only a day compared to eternity together in God's presence.

We love you so much, Eliana.

Fly High for Jesus, Little Butterfly!


  1. Thinking of your precious Eliana!

  2. I know what you mean, pictures and trinkets of my babies will never be enough. Thinking of you. *HUGS*

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